Zelica Women’s Solid Fleece Button In Front Full Sleeve Formal & Office Wear Coat Blazer size – M

2,500.00 1,399.00



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Fabric: Silk Blend
Sleeve Length: Long Sleeves
Pattern: Solid
Multipack: 1
XL (Bust Size: 19 in Length Size: 25 in Waist Size: 18 in Hip Size: 18 in Shoulder Size: 17 in)
L (Bust Size: 18 in Length Size: 24 in Waist Size: 17 in Hip Size: 17 in Shoulder Size: 16 in)
M (Bust Size: 17 in Length Size: 23 in Waist Size: 16 in Hip Size: 16 in Shoulder Size: 15 in)
XXL (Bust Size: 20 in Length Size: 26 in Waist Size: 19 in Hip Size: 19 in Shoulder Size: 18 in)
Country of Origin: India
Sizes Available – M, L, XL, XXL
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